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Andy Kean is a professional magician who entertains children and adults with his unique close up magic performances, enthralling audiences wherever he goes.

As a young man in Britain, Andy became interested in magic with the help and influence of his work colleague and mentor Eddie Minister and legendary British magician and television showman, Paul Daniels. It was early in his business career when Andy became aware of the power of magic to fascinate and engage people, in almost any situation in life.

After joining The Order of the Magi in 1989, Andy has enjoyed bringing the wonder of magic and mystery to people he meets in both personal and professional circles.

Having held several senior executive management roles for large organisations in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand, Andy uses his corporate experience and magic skills to entertain and educate audiences, young and old. His friendly and approachable manner instantly engages people, making them enthusiastic participants in his magic shows and performances.

With over 25 years of experience in children’s and corporate event entertainment, Andy has now dedicated himself entirely to his craft. His magic business, Kean Kreations, was established in New Zealand in 2009. Read what clients say about Andy.

Andy is married to Caroline; they wed in Las Vegas – the centre of world magic – in June 1996 and settled in New Zealand in 2001. He readily acknowledges he has a magical life – marrying Caroline was his best ever trick!